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Outsourcing services for Information Technology and Telecom of FTD, aims to achieve a number of benefits for your company.

Main advantages:

  • Cutting-edge technology with low investment
  • Investment focused on "core business"
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved service level
  • Improved productivity in your company

In addition to other benefits and focus internal resources on activities with higher added value.

The FTD offers several plans and contracts for maintenance and planning of infrastructure. We can fully or partially outsource their IT and Telecom, preventing your company has to keep employees for this purpose and can give full focus to core business, or even locamos the number of employees you need to perform their temporary projects in the area.

We have a team of highly trained professionals to provide all kind of rental service, maintenance and technical support for desktops, servers, switches, routers, LAN and WAN networks wirelless, ensuring the smooth operation of your company, working proactively and based on standardized work processes.