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ProspecçãoIs to raise relief between two points using a digital point and can also be seen through Google Earth.


It consists of lifting the existing obstructions in the line of sight and correct the altimeter profile.

Calculation of Antenna Height

After surveying altimeter field of obstructions, the data is calculated in Pathloss for the minimum heights of antennas.

Preliminary Report

After analyzing the data collected in the field, is sent to the client the report with the heights of the antennas to be installed.

Final Report

PROSPECT final project with all data related to sites (Local Access and Sketch, Diagram Antenna Height and Positioning in the Tower.


Qualification for analysis and inspection stations, the FTD has human resources and quality equipment, analyzing the same in all aspects from the viewpoint of transmission. Through survey reports detailed report on conditions and restrictions of a particular candidate to the station to meet the requirements for a future deployment of transmission equipment.

RF Coverage

The FTD has in its portfolio a solution to all the needs of customers in the design, implementation, testing and commissioning of systems for RF coverage, WiFi, WLL, cellular (TDMA, GSM and CDMA) and multi-point point (LMDS, MMDS and Wimax).

RF Projects

The FTD has human resources, software and materials qualified to perform any type of pre-project design and optimization studies related to RF coverage. Inside of which are:


  • Map data for the determination of terrain data and morphology;
  • Study of traffic demand and user location;
  • Traffic Study Design;
  • Site Analysis Hunting;
  • Analysis of Nodal Stations (PMP);
  • Research Coverage;
  • Frequency Planning;
  • Analysis Study of Interference C / I;
  • Membership remote Study (PMP);
  • Calculation of Downlik and Uplink (PMP) performance;
  • Integration of tools for planning;
  • Optimization Project Coverage depending on field analysis (Test Drive);
  • Benchmarking projects in terms of field analysis (Test Drive);
  • Project Registration Sitar networks, stations and frequencies;
  • Indoor Projects for structures;
  • Projects signal repeaters;



Our Services

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